Financial Health Checks

Who is this service for?

The Financial Health Check National Helpline can provide income maximisation advice to anyone living in Scotland.  For our more local delivery, we are focussing our efforts on improving access to income maximisation services for expectant mothers and those mothers with a child under the age of 1.

Things we can help with

Our trained advisers can provide:

  • Advice and support on general welfare benefit entitlement.
  • Advice and support on specific maternity related benefits.
  • Onward referrals to other areas of CARF including specialist debt advice, tribunal representation and fuel poverty advice.

How to contact FHC

The national helpline can be contacted via telephone on their Freephone hotline 0800 085 7145.  For local advice, and you are a mother with a child under the age of 1, or an expectant mother, please email