ASAP Celebrates 10th Birthday

Date published: 24th August 2020

Citizens Advice and Rights Fife is this week celebrating the 10th anniversary of a special project which delivers vital advice and support to people who have served in the armed forces.

The Armed Service Advice Project (ASAP) was set up in 2010 and is run across Scotland by the Citizens Advice network. This week the service announced it had helped a total of 15,950 clients nationally over the decade, and had delivered for them a total of £17.6 million gain in welfare benefits, wages and grants.

CARF provides the local ASAP service, and as one of the original areas helped 1611 of those clients, and delivered £2,420,687 of the total gain.

Norma Philpott, Citizens Advice and Rights Fife Chief Executive says;

"ASAP was set up ten years ago because there was a recognition that service veterans and even current service personnel often have particular needs and so they require specialist help.

The project is run by the CAB and is supported and funded by Scotland's military charities, like Poppyscotland. So it's a very strong service that offers real practical as well as emotional support. And of course, like all CAB services it is completely free, confidential and impartial.

I am extremely proud of the great work done by our ASAP advisers across Fife, and indeed across Scotland. The financial gains are so important, but the project also help these people in so many other ways that can't be quantified. Some of these people have mental health problems. Just listening to them is often so important, and our team are brilliant at that, as well as the practical and financial support.

The service is available to anyone in any branch of the forces, either current or former, and we will help you with any issue or problem. You can call the free helpline on 0808 800 1007 or contact us online"

CARF and our own ASAP adviser, Lorraine Reid, will be celebrating all week with video clips and client stories. To find out more visit us on Facebook.

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