Staying Safe Abroad

Date published: 27th May 2019

With summer fast approaching, many of us may be already jetting off abroad or starting to look forward to an already booked summer holiday.  But what happens if something goes wrong while you’re away? Travel insurance can provide cover for medical treatments, emergencies and loss of possessions.  Falling ill or getting injured abroad can cost significantly more than it would when you are at home.  Travel insurance can give you some peace of mind when you are away in the sunshine and will help you relax and enjoy your holiday. It is worthwhile noting that you can take travel insurance out at the time of booking your holiday and not just days before you fly, covering you for cancelation of flights and the holiday if you were to fall ill before your departure date.  As with all insurances, always be sure to check the terms and conditions of the policy as you may not be covered for certain destinations or activities when abroad. It is also essential to declare any pre-existing medical conditions as failure to do so may invalidate your cover. 

Abbie Durham, CARF’s Making it Work for Families Adviser, commented, “With the summer season almost upon us, thousands of holidays will soon take place, most of which will make for very happy memories.  That said, I am sure that we all know of friends or relatives who have had their holiday inconvenienced in some way, illness, poor accommodation, flight disruption etc.  Travel insurance can potentially prevent stressful situations become any worse but, as we would always say, please check the terms and conditions of any existing policies and seek appropriate advice before taking out any cover”.

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