V is for Volunteers

Date published: 24th February 2021


Volunteers are essential to the running of Citizens Advice Bureaux.

Volunteering for Citizens Advice and Rights Fife in 2021 looks a little different. However through hard work and a little perseverance we have returned to the point where volunteers can give advice to people in need and those that wish to volunteer can take part in training.

Below is a list of volunteer roles with CARF although some may be temporarily affected by current restrictions.

Adviser - This follows a 16 week training programme and will allow you to advise the public on a broad range of advice topics.

Triage - The first person the public speak to when they contact CARF. The aim is to quickly assess the person’s needs and ascertain if the need to speak to someone in more detail.*

Administration - Supporting the work of the advisers and triage by carrying out some of the administration tasks that are common in CARF.*

Money Advice - This role is based at our Craig Mitchell House office and supports the work of the Money Advice team to help to those who have a financial issue.*

Client Representation - Much like above this role would be to support the team to assist those with complicated benefit issues that might end up in a tribunal setting.*

Social Policy - One of the twin aims of Citizens Advice is to take forward Social Policy issues. This team looks at trends and sees what can and should be actioned along with some further investigation.*

IT Support - IT is at the heart of our advice delivery, because of that the IT team utilises volunteers for a variety of different tasks.*

Board of Directors- the organisation is accountable to a board made up of volunteers. These volunteers understand the value of CARF and its important role in assisting the community and its residents.*

*Training and opportunities in these roles may be changed or suspended during the current pandemic.

Training is currently carried out remotely using a video conferencing platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

If you are interested in volunteering with Citizens Advice and Rights Fife and would like to read more about our roles, they can be found here.

Application forms can be obtained by emailing us.


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