Get Advice

There are plenty of ways to get help from CARF. The main ways are:

  • Help yourself online – visit our Advice page and select the area you need advice on.  It’s always available, day and night, and is a very useful resource
  • Give us a call – our advice lines give you access to information, advice and assistance by phone, with a range of dedicated numbers to put you in touch with our specialist services as needed
  • CARF also operates Pop Up clinics throughout Fife.  You can check where we are by visiting our Twitter and Facebook pages.
  • In special circumstances we may be able to offer a home visitget in touch if you want to know more about this service.

Advice that meets your needs

From simple questions to the most complex of cases, the CARF team will give you the help that you need. We can offer:

  • Signposting – putting you in touch with a particular organisation that provides the help that you need. Sometimes being pointed in the right direction can be just what’s required 
  • Case work – some problems take time to solve. We can work with you to help you get the best possible outcome in your situation
  • Specialist advisers - as well as highly trained general advisers, we have a team of specialists who have expertise in subject areas such as welfare benefits and money advice. If needed, you’ll be able to access this expert help
  • Representation in tribunals and other legal proceedings - Sometimes you might need to go through a legal process – for example, to stop an eviction or appeal a benefits decision. We can help support you through this process and, subject to availability, provide you with representation to help you make your case on the day.

So, if you’ve got a problem and you live or work in Fife, contact CARF.