CARF Publishes New Business Plan

Date published: 3rd October 2023

Looking Back to Look Forward

CARF's business plan came to an end this year, with the last five years throwing some serious curveballs our way (the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in a complete change of service delivery, not to mention a current cost of living crisis).

In order to review this, our Business Planning Day in April focused on our current pillars framework (Customer, Ambition, Robust, Fulfilling), examining what actions remained relevant and highlighting a number of key areas for development. Additionally, the day focused on setting measurable objectives and actions that would ensure the organisation's long term success. The discussion, which included various stakeholders; including Fife Council, Citizens Advice Scotland, and CARF's own volunteers, helped inform our long term strategy, ensuring that our activities are relevant to our service users.

We are now pleased to launch our new business plan, focusing on where CARF aim to be in the next five years.

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