Keep Calm, Get Advice

Date published: 17th January 2017

CARF has launched a new, “Keep Calm, Get Advice”, campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the support the organisation can provide especially to those aged under-25. 

CARF’s Marketing Group was keen to increase engagement with younger members of the Fife community.  Peter McTiernan, Chair of the Marketing Group, commented, “CARF support is available to all members of the community and we understand that many under-25’s face the same difficulties as anyone else in the region.  We also know that we need to raise awareness of our services amongst under-25’s and encourage those in difficulty to seek help from us at the earliest opportunity”.

The new campaign has been launched within Fife College, with the support from the Guidance Department and adapts the successful motivational poster issued by the British Government in 1939 in preparation for the Second World War.  Peter continued, “It was felt we needed a good poster campaign with a strong message and one of the most successful was the “Keep calm” campaign which continues to be to this day”.

The new campaign will form part of a number of activities throughout the year designed to raise the organisation’s profile.  For further information on the campaign or if you are interested in promoting CARF within your organisation please contact David Redpath, Business Development Manager, on 01592 765408.

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