Patient Advice and Support Service

Date published: 27th August 2020

The Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS) has been around in various guises since 2006. In 2012 the Patient’s Rights Scotland Act gave the service a statutory footing and a few years later a national helpline was added.

All health board areas have Patient Advisers based within local Citizens Advice bureaus. In Citizens Advice and Rights Fife we have two part time Patient Advisers who cover the whole of Fife as well as helping to staff the Patient Advice and Support Service National Helpline.

Our service helps clients understand their rights and responsibilities when using any NHS services. We can give clients advice about any aspect of the NHS and can support them to give feedback about services that they or a family member have received. A big part of our work is helping clients through the NHS Complaints Handling Procedure.

The service is independent from the NHS and is free and confidential for clients or their representatives. It can be accessed by contacting the PASS national helpline on 0800 917 2127 or by email or webchat - the PASS website has further information on this. Referrals to the service can also be made by CARF Generalist Advisers.

Contact us if you want information, advice or support about any NHS service including:

• General Practitioners
• Dentists
• Hospitals
• Ambulance Services
• NHS24

Once you have made the initial contact you can expect:

• To speak to an experienced local Patient Adviser.
• To be given all relevant information on the NHS complaints handling procedure.
• Assistance to prepare letters and when appropriate support at meetings with the NHS in connection with your complaint.
• Assistance where necessary to take your complaint to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.




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