Pension Wise Advice from CARF

Date published: 28th November 2017

It’s fair to say that pension planning is not the most interesting of topics but, according to CARF’s Pension Wise Guidance Specialist, Brian McArthur, its apparent lack of appeal should not put people off discussing it.

“People nowadays live longer lives thanks mainly due to advances in medical research and healthier lifestyles.  Living longer logically means we need to consider how we pay for the lives we lead in retirement” commented Brian.

Whilst auto-enrolment has undoubtedly improved the pension prospects of employees, much focus still needs to be given on funding retirement with additional contributions to pension pots among a variety of options available for consumers.

Brian’s Pension Wise project provides independent, free advice on defined contribution pension options if you are aged 50 or over, have a defined contribution pension and want to make sense of your options.

We urge you to give some thought on retirement planning, however boring a topic it is!!

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