Y is for Young Carer Grant

Date published: 10th March 2021

oung Carer Grant

The Young Carer Grant (YCG) is available from the Scottish Government (Social Security Scotland) for Carers between the ages of 16 and 19. Those who claim are not restricted by being in education, in employment and not having paid National Insurance contributions. It is not dependant on how much savings they have. Hours can be added up for caring for up to 3 different people.

The Grant is claimed yearly and can be claimed for a maximum of 3 yearly payments (i.e. at age 16, 17 & 18). Currently the yearly Grant is £305.10. Being in entitlement to the Grant does not affect the Claimant’s other benefits at the onset or those of the person(s) being cared for. The YCG is not treated as income for Universal Credit purposes for the first 52 weeks of receiving the Grant. The grant can be used to make the most of leisure time, school costs or even going on holiday.

You can be caring and giving emotional help as follows:

Picking up prescriptions, preparing family meals, getting dressed or washed, helping with housework or looking after the person’s children/responsibilities.


  1. Aged 16 to 19 years and living in Scotland. Normally you have to be a UK Citizen, but information on the exceptions that apply, to this rule, can be viewed on the mygov.scot website.
  2. Caring for at least 16 hrs on average per week.
  3. Must have been caring for at least the last 13 weeks. In that 13 weeks caring for at least 208 hours.
  4. Not currently applied for, or in receipt of Carers Allowance.
  5. The person(s) cared for must be in receipt of either Attendance Allowance, Personal Independence Payment, the Middle or Higher Rate of the Care component of Disability Living Allowance, Armed Forces Independence Payment or Constant Attendance Allowance. They must have been in receipt of that benefit for at least the 13 weeks.
  6. No one else can be claiming the Young Persons Grant for the person being cared for.

Application Process

Application for the YCG is made by completing an on-line application at mygov.scot. Alternatively you can request a paper application from the website or by phoning 0800 182 2222.

To make the application, you require your National Insurance Number and also for the person(s) you care for. You may also be required to send evidence, to support your claim, once you have made your application.

Please tell the person who you care for, that you have made the application, as Social Security Scotland inform them that you have made an application and to confirm the benefits they are claiming.

Opting for Carers Allowance

Alternatively, if you care for someone for more than 35 hours a week you may be additionally entitled to Carers Allowance (CA), paid currently at £67.25 per week and then a Carers Supplement, paid currently at £230.10 every 6 months. If you meet the eligibility for this benefit, once you have received a YCG you can then apply for CA. But once in continual receipt of CA you will be unable to make another claim for a YCG.

*If someone else claims for CA, for looking after the same person(s) you care for, you cannot claim for CA for that person, but can still claim for a YCG. You can only claim CA for one person cared for.

Additional Benefits/Discounts/Opportunities

Irrespective of if there is an entitlement to a YCG or not, Young Carers also have access to a Young Carers Package which gives access to a range of discounts and opportunities. Claimants are advised to visit the Young Scot website. The Local Council, school or Health Board can also give practical help to Young Carers to give support and breaks in caring.

Further Advice or Assistance to Claim

If you would like further advice on the Young Carer Grant or need assistance with making an application, please contact the CARF Carers Income Maximisation Project on email: CIMReferral@carfonline.org.uk or contact our General Advice Helpline on 0345 140  0095 or Text Service for the Deaf Community 0787 2677 904. Lines open 8.30 am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.



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