Whether you rent or own your home, housing issues will always arise. If you’re struggling to pay your rent or mortgage, you could find yourself faced with eviction.

Common issues we can help with include:

  • how to go about renting or buying a home
  • how to find somewhere to live
  • handling problems with your landlord
  • help to avoid losing your home.

Get housing advice from CARF

Here are the different ways we can help you with housing advice and information:

  1. You can find self help information by clicking one of the boxes on the right.
  2. Give us a call – our advice lines give you access to information, advice and assistance by phone, with a range of dedicated numbers to put you in touch with our specialist services as needed.
  3. Come into an office – if you need to speak to someone in person, come to one of our many offices or outreach drop-in advice sessions. A follow up appointment may be required depending on your enquiry but these can be arranged quickly and easily. Don’t forget to bring along any information that might help us assist you.