Law and Rights

As a member of British society you have rights and responsibilities under Scots, UK and European Union law.

CARF can help you understand your legal and civil rights and explain how you should be treated by the police and prison system.

  • Civil rights issues, such as government and voting, human rights, young people's rights and complaints
  • Legal system information, such as how to take legal action, personal injury, issues relating to the police, prisoners, licences and official permission
  • Immigration advice, such as help with immigration problems, coming to Scotland from abroad and claiming benefits
  • Society issues such as anniversaries and honours, privacy and media issues and charities.

Get advice on your rights and the law from CARF

Here are the different ways we can help you with advice and information on the law and your rights:

  1. You can find self help information by clicking one of the boxes on the right.
  2. Give us a call – our advice lines give you access to information, advice and assistance by phone, with a range of dedicated numbers to put you in touch with our specialist services as needed.