CARF Launches Three New Services

Date published: 23rd May 2019

CARF are delighted to announce the launch of a number of new services which will benefit Fifers over the coming months.

Our new Help to Claim service supports people across Fife to make their Universal Credit claim and get their first payment in time and in full.  We have already received over 4,000 enquiries from people in Fife with problems relating to Universal Credit since its arrival in the Kingdom in December 2017.

CARF Chief Executive, Norma Philpott says, “Universal Credit is now rolling out across Scotland and we know that people have been struggling with the system.  We’re now offering a new Help to Claim service that will help people complete their application so they can get paid on time and in full.  Our advisers are here to offer impartial advice and support to anyone who may need help with the process.  The service is in addition to those services provided within local Jobcentre’s providing improved choice for people in Fife”. 

In addition CARF, is also launching a further 2 new projects.  The Financial Health Check Service is part of a national project with CARF offering a dedicated income maximisation service to mothers with a child under the age of 1 and to expectant mothers.  Working alongside NHS Maternity Services the project will look to ensure that all children have the best possible start in life.

In another development, CARF will shortly officially launch the Carers Income Maximisation Project alongside Fife Health an Social Care Partnership.  This will work alongside existing carer services, particularly in East and West Fife, to offer income maximisation checks for those caring for loved ones, or for those being cared for themselves.

Norma continued, “These new projects are an addition to those we already provide and provide specific support to groups who may not fully understand their entitlements as a result of the stressful situations they find themselves in.  We are absolutely delighted to be working alongside new partners to be able to further enhance the support already being provided and to ease many of the pressures carers and mothers face”.

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